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Robert E. Hampson, Ph.D., turns Science Fiction into Science in his day job, and puts the Science into Science Fiction in his spare time.

“Scientist, author, educator: Dr. Robert E. Hampson, researches mammalian memory, teaches graduate and medical students, and writes science articles to inform the public. He is part of a team working to develop the first prosthetic for human memory using the brain’s native neural codes.”
4/5/19 – A New Entry in the Four Horsemen Universe

When Todd’s critically damaged ship dropped out of hyperspace near the Human colony world of Azure, he had no memory of his past.  He didn’t know who he was, or even what has was, and the humans didn’t either.  Seventy years later, Todd and his descendants consider themselves Human—eight armed and water-breathing—but Human nonetheless.  After seventy years living among Humans, Todd’s descendants are going back out into the Union to make their mark: from fifteen-year-old Verne, who’s just a little short to be a mercenary; to Harryhausen, who wants to be the most famous PI in the galaxy.  Eventually they learn that the rest of the Galactic Union knows them as Wrogul, intelligent octopus-like beings known for science and the ability to perform surgery like none other.

These Wrogul do more than just practice medicine, but they still intend to do no harm. Unfortunately, Humans, whether they have two arms or eight, have powerful enemies… and they may have no choice.

Dr. Hampson writes about science, puts the science in Science Fiction, and advises SF/F writers, game developers and TV writers on neuroscience via the Science and Entertainment Exchange (a service of the National Academy of Science) and is a member of the Sigma Forum. 
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