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Robert E. Hampson, Ph.D., turns Science Fiction into Science in his day job, and puts the Science into Science Fiction in his spare time.

“Scientist, author, educator: Dr. Robert E. Hampson, researches mammalian memory, teaches graduate and medical students, and writes science articles to inform the public. He is part of a team working to develop the first prosthetic for human memory using the brain’s native neural codes.”
Science News
In July we published a new scientific paper on targeting electrodes into the hippocampus of human epilepsy patients.  It’s important to continuing our work into developing a prosthetic for hippocampal function in epilepsy.  The video abstract and link to the paper can be found in the Science tab.  
Brain and Brain Ink
Late-breaking news for 2020:
Wow, what a year 2020 has become.   The shutdowns have seriously affected research, conventions, writing, publishing and all.

However, let’s talk good news! 

Coming September 4, 2020 from Theogony Press.
When the alien Rockers invaded Earth, our only defense were soldiers who had been injured and returned to duty courtesy of an miniscule medical device. Now it’s time for the people of Earth to fight back. Do you have what it takes to stand on The Human Side?

Short stories:
“In The Dust” in Laurel K. Hamilton and William McCaskey’s Fantastic Hope, by Berkley, April 2020.

“Respawn” in We Dare: Semper Paratus, edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, Theogony Press, August 2020.

Anthologies (edited):
Stellaris: People of the Stars. Edited by Les Johnson & Robert E. Hampson.  Mass Market Paperback edition, Baen Books, August 25, 2020.
Mixed fiction and nonfiction on the theme of humanity’s future as an interstellar civilization.

The Founder Effect, Edited by Robert E. Hampson and Sandra L. Medlock. Baen Books, December 1, 2020.
A shared, future history about the legends and myths surrounding the founding of Earth’s first interstellar colony.
Communicating Science
Links to Dr. Rob’s graduate course on science education and public outreach can be found at the TEACHING tab above, or click here for direct link.

Dr. Hampson writes about science, puts the science in Science Fiction, and advises SF/F writers, game developers and TV writers on neuroscience via the Science and Entertainment Exchange (a service of the National Academy of Science) and is a member of the Sigma Forum. 
Robert E. Hampson, Ph.D.
Brain & Brain Ink