Fiction:  Short stories and Science Fiction by Dr. Rob
Note:  Some stories were published as ‘Dr. Tedd Roberts’
Castalia House. 2015. “They Also Serve” by Tedd Roberts
Springer. 2016. “Neural Alchemist” by Tedd Roberts
TRADOC. 2016. “Where Angels Fear” by Tedd Roberts, sequel to “They Also Serve”
Baen Books. 2016.  “The Road to Good Intentions” by Tedd Roberts. (John Ringo’s Under a Graveyard Sky universe)
Seventh Seal Press. 2017. “Unto the Last, Stand Fast” by Robert E. Hampson (Four Horsemen Universe – 4HU)
Seventh Seal Press. 2018. “Headspace and Timing” by Robert E. Hampson (Four Horsemen Universe – 4HU)
Hope is Not a Strategy (forthcoming)
Seventh Seal Press. 2019. “Earworm” by Robert E. Hampson, sequel to “Headspace and Timing” – prequel to Do No Harm. (Four Horsemen Universe – 4HU)
Baen Books. 2019. “Return to Mayberry” by Robert E. Hampson (John Ringo’s Under a Graveyard Sky universe)
Seventh Seal Press. 2019. Full length novel by Robert E. Hampson and Chris Kennedy, with Sandra L. Medlock. (Four Horsemen Universe – 4HU)
Lost Signals of the Terran Republic (forthcoming)
Ring of Fire Press. 2019. “Deep Cold” by Robert E. Hampson. (Chuck Gannon’s Terran Republic/Caine Riordan universe kickstarter)
Baen Books. 2019. “No Hippocritical Oath” by Robert E. Hampson. (Tom Kratman’s Terra Nova/A Desert Called Peace universe)
The stars will change us.
Baen Books. 2019

Explorations of how interstellar travel may affect humanity by best-selling authors and scientists.

STELLARIS: PEOPLE OF THE STARS is a collection of original science fiction stories and nonfiction essays speculating about humanity’s far-term expansion into the universe beyond the limits of our solar system—with an emphasis on the changes humans will undergo as a species as we make this happen.  Is interstellar travel so far beyond our current imaginings that it will take a fundamental transformation of humanity in order to make it possible?  And, if so, will we remain Homo sapiens or become a new and unique species: Homo stellaris (the People of the Stars)?